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100 percent dating sites since 1980

And to that end it embarked on the fourth expansion of the Grand Mosque, the largest ever in the mosque’s history.After its completion, the expansion will create prayer spaces for two million worshippers at any given instance.

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In 2006, the architect stirred debate when he told a regional television channel that where once there had been historical sites - the Prophet Muhammad’s house and the oldest school of Islam, Dar al-Arkam - there were now roads and public facilities.

“But one thing I was very conscious of is that I stopped seeing the Grand Mosque.” Jeddah is a melting pot of ideas and people.

Muslims from all over the world have passed through the city, some stopping to make it their home.

Angawi’s family moved two further times within Mecca, as the city continued to be transformed.

Then they settled in Jeddah, a city on the Red Sea that serves as a gateway to many of the pilgrims. “I just found myself in yet another new house,” he remembers.

The dining table was inspired by Japan and the blue silk rug is Persian.

But his attention to detail isn’t purely aesthetic.As pilgrims from all over the world have descended on the region, traces of their homelands have come with them.Influences from the Levant, Yemen, east Africa and India can all be found etched into its buildings - and within Angawi’s home, with its white coral and desert yellow stone walls, elaborately carved doors and windows and ornate verandas.“The vendor saw I was very keen to have it so he sold it for a hefty price,” he remembers with a smirk.Drag your mouse to explore Angawi's house in 360-degree view Whatever the price, Angawi had to have it - if only to ensure that it wasn’t placed somewhere he would consider unsuitable.“This was one of the last remaining historical pieces from Mecca,” he says as he welcomes me inside.

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