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We're about fun and chemistry, excitement and exploration.

Start connecting by viewing some of our our newest military single members seeking pen pals, dating, romance, and real relationships.He responds back wanting to know if WE will ever meet. Against all I stand for, I refrained from sending him a shitty, passive-aggressive text letting him know how crappy I thought it was that he timed his ‘exit’ to my sending a pic that he requested. No reference to the selfie and wanting to know how I’ve been. So we’re still texting, but it’s really going nowhere.When I think about it, his ‘pattern’ of communication leads me to believe that he’s already seeing someone or *gasp* married. Then again, I could be wrong and he just goes to bed really early and only is allowed access to his phone between the hours of 8am and 2pm. And that, my friends, is my middle of the night update on my less than exciting dating experiences!Not sure if he thought I’d be jealous or what, but I wasn’t.If he wants to play the friend card, then so will I. Well, at least a flurry of ideas for our big meeting were exchanged. I declined the ‘skinny dipping in the ocean’ (not the least of the reason being that we live in a land-locked state). On an equally lengthy strand of text messages I have the man who never responded back after I sent him that selfie.Maybe it's the short profile text and single profile photo.

It sets up for just a quick intro and encourages people to take a leap toward setting up their own communication. I don't know what it is, but thank you and please don't ever transition to become like interpals or some other site, because this place is unique Just a quick note to say thank you so much for having created this site.If the need ever arises, I will return with lightening speed. Now, to be clear, by ‘greatest’ I mean that I’m not actually ready to throw myself off of the highest building that I can find. I’d like to tell you that I messed up my back dancing on a bar, running from date to date, traveling the world or, for those of you that have been reading my drivel for a while and not yet thrown your own selves off of a high building, riding a shiny new bike, but alas it’s nothing fun like that. He said it’s been great and that he’d been on a couple of dates. Weird that he would write that, but as I’m in no way invested in this, I just chalked it up to his being a bit of a doof (read: dumbass). Every day we at Pen Pals Planet help you, and others like you, to connect with one another. So sign up today for free and start your search to find someone who stands out to you and start connecting. Well, we believe you have just come to the right place to find a date, romance or love! Start searching today by signing up and creating your FREE profile. Nothing unites people faster than when they have a common interest. To help you in your search, we’ve created the best search facility possible so that you can search via location, age or even height and hair colour- you’re in control. Dating military singles can be fun and exciting, but that's not the only thing Military Pen is about.