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Click here for a couple different ways to upload / crop / resize / host an image to use in the chat rooms / forums. We have had some issues where images did not show with certain browsers, IE especially.

We have not taken the time to figure out if it is purely an IE issue, or if it has to do with image sizes or image types.

If you already have the 80 x 80 image url – then this is how you add that info to the chat room so it will display there: On the chat login screen, under the button for join chat there is some text that says “advanced login options” – it’s barely visible, and hard to read black text on a dark blue background.

When you click advanced login options, you will be taken to a new chat window screen that gives you three input boxes.If you are using an image that is 80×80 pixels for your avatar, it is a jpg image, and it is hosted on the sex chat server, and it still doesn’t show, then let me know so I can dig deeper.Please do not ask me for help if your image is hosted on a different server, or if it is a png, or gif.Does the idea of a cam girl that is bold down there send shivers down your spine or remind you of a Barbie doll?Nothing like a hairy pussy to show beauty without deception, am I right?!?!Here is a quick guide for adding your avatar pic in the java chat room.

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