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"Pwnswithbows" obviously isn't an RP name, since nobody would ACTUALLY name their child that. Is he/she a serious person or a light-hearted jokester? However, try to avoid directly connecting your character with the archetypical heroes.Luckily, the universe is rich with naming possibilities and the internet has lots of resources available to help you here. You don't have to be the Emperor's Son, The Queens long lost cousin, and if you DO try to connect yourself to an archetypical hero people (especially the lore-junkies) are going to pick you apart.

For example, you might come up with a back story for your character in which her husband was killed by rampaging chua's.

Certainly it's fine to have an accent., but try to keep what you're saying readable, and don't go outside of Nexus for inspiration.

Meta-Gaming and Meta-Playing ------------------------------ Meta-gaming and meta-playing are two common pitfalls you'll want to avoid at all costs.

" And don't go around talking like a pirate, or trying to give your character a Cockney or Australian or Spanish or French accent, either.

That's not actually RPing, and it makes it difficult to read what you're saying.

In most MMOs, the main times you'll be RPing your character are in your guild's chat channel and in say-chat.

If you join a RP guild, your guild may have specific rules on when you need to stay in character (IC) and when you can safely go OOC.

Also, please keep in mind that abusing a certain way of speaking is considered newbish.

In other words, don't run around saying "Thou hast come unto these demesnes for what reasons, yon wayfarer?

How to Get Started RPing ------------------------ RPing is surprisingly easy, though it takes practice to become good at it and to avoid cliches.

The first step is to come up with a good name for your character. Using the rich lore of Nexus, try to come up with a back story for your character.

Also, it's important to keep to your chosen race's lore.

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