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Face to face naughty chats - okcupid your looks and online dating

Yumi and Amelia demonstrate perfectly just how painful both can be!

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However, her poor behavior, constant tardies, disruption to practice and worse even after getting spanked in the past meant this was a last resort.

While Amelia goes over the knee for another dose of the hairbrush, new girl, Yumi Bennett, bends over the desk for the tawse.

Both ladies are wearing panties but other than that these are two very different punishments.

Some find wood easier to use as it is not bending and drooping like leather can do.

Others defer to whoever they are punishing and choose the best implement for whichever bottom it might be.

Alice mentioned boys and puppies were preferable to the hard work and dedication and this resulted in a scolding and spanking over the lap of the National Association member.

It was embarrassing for Alice, especially when her panties were pulled down, that only happened at home and she felt ashamed!Alex actually gives a spanking that looks pretty hard, and it is finished off nicely with some good whacks with the wooden paddle.It’s actually what looks like a punishment board with plenty of holes drilled into it for aerodynamics.Alice’s little round bottom gets well-reddened by it!While she may be a coach, Alex wears a cheerleader outfit herself as she delivers the spanking to naughty Alice’s lovely bare bottom, making this a very kinky punishment.Both hurt and both can sting but often the spankee has a preference of one over the other There are a large variety of implements made out of both materials.

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