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He was the first presidential candidate in American history to really sell himself as a man of the people, and the people loved him for it.

Customer support cannot answer health related questions or give any type of medical advice.After Jefferson did little to appease him, Callendar broke a story in 1802 that had only been a rumor until then -- that the President was having an affair with one of his slaves, Sally Hemings.In a series of articles, Callendar claimed that Jefferson had lived with Hemings in France and that she had given birth to five of his children.Even Martha Washington succumbed to the propaganda, telling a clergyman that Jefferson was "one of the most detestable of mankind." Mental Floss: Jefferson: The sensitive writer type Jefferson hires a hatchet man Back then, presidential candidates didn't actively campaign.In fact, Adams and Jefferson spent much of the election season at their respective homes in Massachusetts and Virginia.They remained pen pals for the rest of their lives and passed away on the same day, July 4, 1826.

It was the 50th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.But the key difference between the two politicians was that Jefferson hired a hatchet man named James Callendar to do his smearing for him.Adams, on the other hand, considered himself above such tactics.Jefferson paid a price for his dirty campaign tactics, though.Callendar served jail time for the slander he wrote about Adams, and when he emerged from prison in 1801, he felt Jefferson still owed him.The story plagued Jefferson for the rest of his career.

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