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A great team member not only accepts discipline, but he embraces it for the benefit of the group.Disciplined athletes do whatever is necessary concerning work habits, enthusiasm, controlled emotion, personal responsibility, honesty, and positive communication.

They included model and TV presenter Victoria Bonya, 37, actress Anna Kalashnikova, 44, and TV reality star Alena Shishkova, 24.

(read more)Discipline is involved in all team successes. As such, it should not have a negative connotation to an athlete.

Very Simply discipline is focused attention and effort — an individual doing what that person has been trained to do, as well as possible, every time.

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Visit the Boosters page to contact any of our board for questions or input.

Redlands East Valley and Corona Santiago are two of the most prolific schools when it comes to producing baseball talent in the Inland Empire, and their reputations were reinforced Tuesday afternoon…

'We do not want to see our location [coming up on social media] on photos of girls in semi-naked and erotic poses.

Let the photograph simply state the location as Dubai.'Defending her social media posts, Ms Kalashnikova said: 'Personally I do not publish inappropriate pictures, and here I mean half-naked photos.

Great competitors find a way to channel their emotions and energy to lift their own performance, as well as the team’s.

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Discipline develops the “I can depend on you” trust.