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Meet n f no credit card needed for free

The Paleo Diet is an effort to eat like we used to back in the day…WAY back in the day. This means anything we could hunt or find – meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, regional veggies, and seeds.

Dairy’s a tough one, as most Paleo folks tend to stay away from it – a portion of the world is lactose intolerant, and those that aren’t usually have at least some type of an aversion to it. Because no other animal in the entire kingdom drinks milk beyond infancy.

When there is an absence of carbs (which is how we’re USED to operating), our body will take stored fat and burn THAT for energy in a process called ketogenesis.

What I’m trying to tell you is that our bodies are pretty effin’ efficient. Carbs still serve a purpose in our diets, but they’re not essential (check out the Inuit Paradox for a great read on societies that exist without almost any carbohydrates).

Although it’s been a really long time, our genetics haven’t changed that much since then.

The average Homo Sapien back then: tall, muscular, agile, athletic, and incredibly versatile. A few thousand years ago humans discovered farming, the agricultural revolution took off, and we advanced from hunter-gatherers to farmers.

As Robb Wolf puts it, think of a 100-yard football field.

The first 99.5 yards are how long Homo-Sapiens spent as hunter-gatherers.I know, that sounds like an ad for some really shady supplement or diet book that you’d see on TV at 4 AM. It’s helped many people achieve jaw-dropping transformations, including my friend Saint here (whose story you can read here): I’m talking about the Paleo Diet. Oh lord, another “diet.”I know, it sounds like a fad/marketing ploy, but it’s actually quite legit.You see, tens of thousands of years ago, before Nike, Cap’n Crunch, and Healthy Choice meals, our ancient ancestors thrived as hunter-gatherers.Unless you’re getting your sugar from a fruit, forget it.Sugar causes an energy spike and crash in your system, turns to fat unless it’s used immediately, and wreaks all kind of havoc on our bodies. Many studies have shown that an incredible number of diseases and lifestyle issues can be reversed with these three simple changes.Take a look at this time magazine article on cancer patients who switched to a zero-sugar diet and saw positive results.

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