See robot chat masturbation

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See robot chat masturbation

After talking to my girlfriend about it she let me known that her sister was getting horny watching us on the couch.My girlfriend told her that she would let her sister masturbate quietly under a blanket in the basement if she got too horny watching us. She said she was a 75a bra, (spelling mistake obviously? I asked her name, to which she said "just call me ___" and I don't know if it was the name of the video or her actual name.

Shortly after she invited me to go to her place to talk in a less noisy environment.

I think that her sister had figured out something as she almost came down every night downstairs to watch tv when we were there.

Since my girlfriend was very unsatisfied to not get her usual evening orgasms , she eventually explained to her younger sister ( she was maybe 2 years younger ) that she was getting masturbated by me during the evening , that she could come downstairs every time she wanted with us as long as she did not tell the parents.

I'd play like I didn't know what was going on until the guy/couple I was talking with mentioned she was there. Sometimes I'd get really embarrassed and she would be the initiator. In the end it usually ended up with her blowing me or me fucking her.

One of the more extreme scenarios we put on was I chatted up this older guy that had a thing for younger chicks.

I gave him my wife's or..."sister's" ID and told him to chat her up and see what she was doing online. I told him to set it up so that some weekend I would be home and he would get her to bate for him, I'd come in so I could see it.

He did this, and as I came in the room and saw my wife played like she was shocked and wanted me to leave.When leaving their house often late at night I would use the basement door.One night shortly after I left their house , I noticed that I forgot my wallet on the coffee table downstairs so I drove back to her house going back through the basement door that was not locked to discover my girlfriend sister legs open masturbating.No one was home except my 16 year old sister, and she was busy doing whatever girls do.At some point, usually while I was masturbating, my wife would open the door behind and watch.Shortly after seeing it we saw movements under her blanket and an orgasm face that she tried to hide. We were both 19 at the time, but more often than not she would "play" 16.