Sex chat no sign up or pay or ur

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Sex chat no sign up or pay or ur

Also, if you know you have HIV you can take steps to protect others.

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After unprotected sex that could have put you at risk of HIV you should always take a test.

Avoiding a test now doesn’t make HIV go away but risks you finding out later when the virus has done a lot of damage and when HIV drugs may not work as well.

HIV-related deaths in Britain now tend to happen to people who went undiagnosed and untreated for too long.

The test is free, confidential and voluntary: you cannot be (and should not feel) forced to test.

It should involve a brief chat first to discuss why you’ve decided to test, what risks you may have taken and when, and what kind of HIV test is the most appropriate based on this information.

You can also buy home testing kits online instead of ordering a free one.

Use our Service Finder tool to find your local sexual health clinic or a Fastest Centre.

If no sign of infection is found the test is ‘negative’. Someone who tests ‘positive’ has their blood tested a second time to be absolutely sure the result is accurate.

Signs of HIV infection can’t be detected in the blood immediately.

A test will let you know and if you have a ‘rapid HIV test’ you don’t have to wait days for a result.

A test at least once a year is a good idea for people who have more than one sexual partner.

Free home postal testing kits are also available from some places.

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