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I arrived late in the afternoon and it looked like a busy "transit" hotel. For dinner I decided a short taxi ride to the famous Mandela square had lots of dining options. Lady 1- short and OK 4/10, Lady 2 - XXL with breasts bigger than my waist also 4/10 (unless you're into XXL ladies in which case you may consider her a 9/10), Lady 3 - medium build, at least C cup and well dressed 6/10. Room was amazingly large and almost a mini condominium.

On a recent transit through Johannesburg, I was booked into the Park Inn by the travel agent for the night. Back to business associate, who was bleating on about his headache. Did not want to extend and start one of those never ending conversations that can go on until 01.The coke was a but of a let down, as she was spaced out, but not in an incapacitating way. I am happy to receive info by reply to the post, or you can PM me. I went to Cape Town last March 2016 for 4 days on business and before I left I read several reports that were posted on by Ibn Buttita.Body was on the slim side, with small tits (prefer larger) and straightish body lacking enough curves. Hey guys, Me and a friend are traveling to Cape Town in a couple of months and are looking for some good hotels near or on the beach area there. I went to every place that was mentioned in his reports. Hey guys, Me and a friend are traveling to Cape Town in a couple of months and are looking for some good hotels near or on the beach area there. Arrived at JHB, booked a car and off to Tzaneen we went. ESA seemed the most user friendly and tried my luck with a lady who was not too far from our lodge. Arrived with business associate who was sponsoring this whole trip (not the mongering part, but everything else). Partner was tired with all the driving and decided to check in at Pretoria. As soon as I had logged into the wifi I went online and started prowling through the escort sites.To my surprise there were a few ladies sipping on the same glass of water or wine. Short chat turns into the direct "don't you want come company tonight"? Rooms are very basic so maybe not for extended stay. For a week trip and wanted some basic advice on which escort sites are reliable? She dived straight into the shower, and came back out 10 minutes later and spelled out the rules.

Rate offered was R800 () for a short time and negotiable for the night. Her rates were hourly and laid out what was included in her flat rate and what were additional buy ins.

Closed the door and security gate and locked them in the flat, kept the door keys (Hahahahah 7th Floor, dumb idiots ).

Thought of looking for Carrie to get my money back, then thought were would she be and I dont know what to expect in terms of Nigerian Mother Fuckers. I will make sure that if Carrie changes or updates her profile I will post the updates.

So I encouraged her to slip on the rubber and we then proceeded to shag in various positions terminating in doggy which when slamming into her compact rear was more than I could handle and ended up cumming. Only exception is the odd swinging couple who fancy a bit of outdoor fun, but that is few and far between. I'm straight and I go to Sandy bay all the time and ya it gay but aren't all nude beaches gay. But ya you do see guys -ing behind the rocks, I even saw one dude blowing another on the path. Capetownian women are generally known for being standoffish but both the foreign and local talent at Mavericks take that to the next level. In South Africa the main site is ************** and there is only one club in table view, Liza's Lounge. This time, I shall be staying with friends and so have to look for a venue.

She asked if I wanted to go through with the 2nd shot I was entitled to. Having looked at the various posts and reviews about CT, I like the look and sound of a couple of brothels, in particular, Nauty40.

I had a somewhat early departure so agreed to short time. She asked for a tip or something extra because she has to take care of the guards and front desk. Good sales lady, reminded me of car sales man advertising car accessories.

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