Young web camera

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Cherie invites Angela to join them at the beach, and sends her off to pick out a bikini.When Angela gets back, she finds Uma and Cherie naked in the teen's bedroom using Uma's vibrator. Cherie runs after her to explain they're only masturbating.

Listening carefully to Richelle's instructions, naked Alexis crawls onto the bed. She teaches her protege tricks to drive the clients wild, like twirling her hair and being sexy.

Then Uma sits on her step mother's face while Angela tribs Cherie till their pussies explode!

Small town girl Alexis Monroe hitchhiked from Pennsylvania all the way to Las Vegas, Nevada in search of a fresh start.

She instructs Alexis to remove her dress, and the panties. Alexis admits to sleeping with a few girls in her school days, but Richelle doesn't count that as experience.

She's ready to invest in her apprentice and teach her everything she knows.

Uma agrees she's going through changes and wants Angela to be a cool mom and teach her too.

Cherie defends it as natural, and Uma insists they're just having fun.

Once she gets her hairy pussy all wet and almost cums on her fingers, her step mom walks in with the laundry.

Syren apologizes for interrupting and tries to leave, but Amara tells her she needs to talk to her.

That's when glamorous MILF Richelle Ryan finds her walking the strip with nothing but the skimpy clothes on her back.

Richelle pulls up in a luxury sedan and tells her to get inside. Alexis goes back to Richelle's condo to be dolled up and spray tanned.

Amara no longer sees Syren as the wholesome woman who raised her, but as a sexual MILF, flaunting her tits and ass.