Amir khan dating boxer

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He had built an 'impressive' record of 19 wins, 17 KO's but against hand picked journey men or notoriously light punchers.

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After all we are the nation who supported the bummers Bruno and Ewebanks all those years and thats arrogance for you.True, he has very fast hands, but he also has a glass jaw to go with it.My friend watched it in a pub in Salford and he phoned me, he said the pub went up, everyone buzzing that he had been beaten, banjo'd completely.Its early on ein his career and it will be interesting in seeing how he comes back!I think this will be good for Khan in the long run and might make him a better boxer...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your khan has just been sparked out in one round by breidis prescott.what now..?

is he finished as a world class contender.can he come back and win the world title..?He has been too big headed and c0ckyby far, now if he was more down to earth like Ricky Hatton then maybe people would warm to him.This defeat was on the cards bcuz he was being pushed too fast too soon by Frank Warren . Khan has never ever seemed arrogant to me but it may appear that way bcuz he and his family are constantly smiling.Ive seen this guy box,and he is an excellent fighter to be honest i think now he has been beaten he will work a lot harder.Its a shame it was the first round but thats how boxing goes at times,he still has it in him to be a world champ. He has enough raw talent to become a world champion but needs to work on his defence. A murderous puncher like his opponent was far too risky to take on at this stage of his carreer, especially as he has only been with his new trainer for about 8 khan is a good fighter and has lots of the lightweight division he is gonna have to come across alot more of these hispanic fighters who have always dominated the lighter divisions.i dont think he has the chin to survive with these type of hungry fighters like the one who knocked him out last out of his depth.has a glass jaw, does'nt matter how hard you train, he can'nt take a punch in even semi world class, greedy camp as well wanting PPV, glad it back fired, they'll be lineing up to knock him out next, so will be 3-5 easy come back fights, wonder if he'll ever fight anyone worth fighting, not exactly world names he has fought eitheri missed the fight and was shocked when i just saw it on the news, but lots of fighters lose fights and go on to become great world champions, i think he can still be world champion.Now he knows he isn't invincible,now he knows any boxer can get caught cold,and with a good punch any boxer will get knocked out.