Angela dating bow wow

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While the couple was still together, Ciara was occasionally seen sporting a diamond piece of jewelry on her left ring finger, but assured the magazine it was "just a little gift." Angela Simmons: Well, we definitely know that Bow Wow doesn't trash his exes!

With all of these past romances, the EP may just be one to get.

He’s posting it to fu*k with her head and to try to get a reaction out of me.

Listen, I walked away silently.” READ: Bow Wow Says Erica Mena’s Revelation Of Her Miscarriage Is “Attention Seeking” Although Mena was frequently seen hashing out her differences on VH1’s with fists and drinks, she revealed that she’s at a different place in her life, a state of peace.

Yesterday rapper and 106 & Park host Shad Moss aka Bow Wow, 27, announced his wedding date to 'Love & Hip Hop New York' star, Erica Mena, (who rumours say has slept with over 200 men) and immediately after the post, Bow Wow's ex, Angela Simmons (they dated off/on for years) shared a not so random cryptic post about losing people who don't deserve to be in your life.

And then comedian Tony Rock out-rightly called Erica a whore on Twitter.

Never allowed Angela to be around the baby as well. I had to deal with stalking and non-stop late night text from her begging Shad to leave me as we laid in bed together," added Mena.

Model, #Erica Mena speaks on our cousin, #Angela Simmons, #Bow Wow and his baby mama.

And although they hashed out their breakup issues on social media, it was a little unclear as to what was the cause, but Mena came clean as to why the seemingly happy couple quickly crashed and burned.

READ: For Her New Man, Erica Mena Plans To Bow Out Of Reality TV The breakup may not come as a surprise to most as it was frequently over the Internet that their love wouldn’t last, but even so, the reason behind it may be a little more shocking. As for the abuse she’s endured, she’s not referring to physical, but instead mind games that she most definitely asserts the former host played during their time together.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club back in 2012, he confirmed that he had slept with Ciara (as well Karrine Steffans, Dollicia Bryan and maybe even Kim Kardashian), but interesting enough, said at that time that he hadn’t had sexual relations with Simmons.

I don’t know if he thinks all this oversharing will help with his credibility as a rapper, but it definitely helps with his image as something of a sleazeball.

More recently, it's been rumored that he and soul singer Cole, have been dating. Well according to Centric, Moss will let us know soon with his next and last album.