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If you are an user looking for support with your account, please visit our end user support page.Microsoft's Smart Screen® technology is designed to provide anti-spam filtering innovations for as well as other Microsoft products like Exchange Server, Microsoft Office Outlook and Windows Live Mail.

Другие проблемы, связанные с проверкой отправленного материала и безопасностью интернет-торговли.Of these, one of the principal factors in driving down a sender's reputation and deliverability is their junk email complaint rate.IPs not previously used to send email typically don't have any reputation built up in our systems.If you are able to connect directly to the IP and not, then it is likely there is an issue with your DNS server.Occasionally, some of the IPs in our MX record may be out of service.Currently, the addresses for these servers are,, mx3.and mx4.

If that doesn't work, try connecting directly to the IPs.We also leverage SPF , an email authentication technology protocol that helps address the problem of spoofing and phishing by verifying that the domain sending the email is authorized to do so.Smart Screen® email filters are influenced by a number of factors related to the sending IP, domain, authentication, list accuracy, complaint rates, content and more.A new IP can expect to be fully ramped within a couple of weeks or sooner depending on volume, list accuracy and as long as their junk email complaint rates are kept at a minimum.Some of the deliverability issues are the result of sender-based software configurations. Cookie-файлы не отражают имя читателя, его/ее адрес электронной почты и другие персональные данные. Ответственность и обязательства Служба MSI Online не гарантирует стабильное, безопасное, свободное от ошибок, постоянное соединение и другие подобные проблемы.

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