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Some sections of his web-site have a online video to watch, which strengthens his message planned for each web-page on his site. Developing a Prayer Life: To help people's faith grow through prayer, and develop skills in intercessory pray, Carman has organized a global prayer chain, where people can send in their prayer requests and then post answers to prayer.

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Carman Ministries traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa and filled Cricket Stadium with 50,000 young people for the stadium's first Christian music concert, where the audience praised and worshipped God and accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior.An example which can be found on his web-site, is quoted below, a great example of his evangelical gift of expressing his thoughts. Robb Thompson's verbal expressions on an episode of TBN Monday show, a program mentioned above: Carman: "Why it’s important to have 4 crazy friends?The people who punched a hole through the ceiling to let down their sick friend to be in front of Jesus were valuable friends to have. They had the strength, the tenacity and the hope that is hard to find when your flat on your back, physically and emotionally. Look around." Being Involved in Ministry: Through his web-site, people also have the opportunity to contribute financially for the various aspects of mission sponsored by Carman Ministries.Carman Ministries next world outreach project is a planned trip to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, during Carnival 2004.Carman's mission statement for this Christian music outreach: "People who have never felt the presence of the Lord in their lives will for the first time, worship the Lord and come to know Him as their personal Savior." As anyone can see, Carman lives and steps out in faith, running the race that the Lord has laid out for him, (Hebrews -12 & Phil.My word to you is this, sometimes that “flat on your back” experience happens to us all. Jesus will reward their faith and you’ll be up and going in no time as well. Seventy people, along with Carman, make these events possible, giving their lives as an offering to God in these endeavors.

Carman Ministries Drama Group in Action Another active part of Carman's dedication to Jesus Christ are his many tours / events he's participated in the United States and abroad as well.Even Nelson Mandela couldn't stay away as he had to witness this amazing sight.Carman Ministries has also traveled to Barbados and performed in the pouring rain, where many people answered the altar call, with umbrellas in hand.Teaching the Word: 1) - Video on Faith by using the Word.2) He has put together 365 different audio devotions, one for each day of the year.To the best of his ability and musical gifts, Carman truly has pressed on to take hold of that which Jesus had taken a hold of him for in the first place, like the Apostle Paul (Philippians -14); a strong Christian evangelical music ministry, bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to those who need Him.

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