Dating a french guy

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Dating a french guy

We had tickle fights and us and our younger brothers had water fights etc etc...

I am a french guy working in Singapore since end 2008..

So does it means he is not really interested & serious with me? S., we became intimate, and now that he’s back in France we Skype message every 1-3 days. I have never used a Google thing before so I hope I know what I am doing. No I will not give away his name out of respect for his privacy.

He usually signs off calling me “ma Cherie” but the last few messages he has said that he wants to see me and wants to spend time with me, followed by “Je t’embrasse ma Che’rie” and “Je t’embrasse part out che’rie”…what do these phrases mean in the context I have given? In honesty, I didn't know he was an actor at first, lol. Next month, he is coming to film a movie in Mobile, Alabama which is 2 1/2 hours away from where I live.

Another thing about this relationship is that his mom asked me if I'd like to come visit in Paris in June.

I feel like we're close but I'm not sure if that's just a french thing (being friendly).

We message each other every morning and night.(in fact he just messaged me while typing this with lots of rose and kissy lip symbols) I'm not really sure what French men think about American southern girls.

And the web so far hasn't been of much consolation, how people say our accents are annoying, politically charged emotions, and that americans are seen as "easy". Then again, this will be my first date in 14 years.(I was married all that time) So I am not up to date on modern dating at all!! But I did put in the initiative to place an order for cigars at a cigar shop in his filming location so he can pick them up when he arrives and enjoy them while filming til our date.I really like him and have been thinking about going to "college" in Paris for business (we're both "sophomores" in high school).I was wondering if you could help figure out if he likes me... He used to love to tease me and said I could talk to him about anything and he'd always have an answer.Can someone please shed some light on definite dos and don'ts for me???French men like to think of themselves as the absolute Casanovas, but the reality is quite different. I'm not sure what is considered as flirting with french guys.I met my french boyfriend thru online dating site and we are together for 1 yr & 3 months now but we have not meet in person.

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