Dating a youth pastor

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Dating a youth pastor

When it comes to amorous relationships, those committed to staying on the straight and narrow are haunted by just one question: how “far” is “too far”?Dwelling for too long on the ratio of conversations about grace to discussions about whether making out is a sin will drive even the most resilient youth worker to beg God to remove her cup of suffering.

Youth pastors, however, often find themselves on the receiving end of well-meaning yet soul-crushing inquiries.People who are filled with vision though live very differently.People like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Usain Bolt or Bono have lifestyles that are very focussed, intentional and commited. It reminds them and us that we have hope that there is something better to come.There is the emotional stress of helping and couselling people with their problems, the pressure of being above reproach in all areas and being a good example to those that you lead.There is also a requirement to be commited and to sacrifice some personal time which can sometimes feel restricting. Jesus said that if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. It means that when we loose vision spiritually then everything else seems to go wrong too.Societal wisdom tells us that the leader of an organization—in this case, the senior pastor—should receive the greatest financial compensation.

Before “amen”-ing in agreement, though, consider the particularly heavy cross of the humble youth pastor: The Stench: Music festival Port-a-Potties? Raw chicken breasts slowly rotting inside a residential central heating system?This is why it is so important to have vision and to envision those that we work with. They become disheartened, tired, frustrated, irritable and lose their commitment to the youth.If we want to build a youth leadership team that is filled with energy, committment and faith then we need to make sure that we are envisioning ourselves and those who we are leading.Being on a first-name basis with the pizza delivery boy comes with consequences: on average, life expectancy decreases three months for every year of youth ministry.Lock-Ins: It takes a uniquely gifted (i.e., deranged) adult to willingly abandon the peaceful solitude of his own warm bed to spend a night playing flashlight tag with teenagers jacked up on a Mountain-Dew-and-Pixy-Stix cocktail.On top of all these things we must remember that our leadership team is generally young and not always very emotionally and spiritually mature. As James so wonderfully pointed out 2 weeks ago and as Hebrews 12 tells us, our vision is Jesus who is the author and perfector of our faith. Hebrews 11 says that faith is the substance of hope and if I had to define hope it would be that what is to come is better than what we have now.

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