Dating jewelry clasp

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Dating jewelry clasp - consolidating dental school loans

They can have a discreet simple appearance or alternatively they can be more elaborate.Diamonds or other precious stone such as pearls can be incorporated into their design, or instead, the box can be etched with decorative symbols jazzing up your jewelry.

Vintage glue has yellowed with time and is often seen around or beneath the stone. Is there any evidence of glue which dates back to the vintage era?

Generally if there are numerous stones you will see slight fluctuations in the way the stone is sitting in the setting, a clear sign the piece is prong set and not glued.

That said, many vintage pieces are glued (often called paste) but I've never seen one glued and "pretend" prong set.

A great benefit of a box clasp over some other types of jewelry clasps is their ease of use; they can be opened and closed with little effort. Box clasps are usually small and are most appropriate for light weight jewelry because they are often not as strong as spring tension clasps.

Although, there are really no rules, you may sometimes find a big bulky box clasp used for heavy jewelry.

A large decorative box clasp can be worn as a pendent of a necklace or as the focal point of a bracelet.

The choice is yours, but the options for box clasps are numerous.The type of clasp attached to a piece of jewelry is an important aspect; changing the clasp can sometimes significantly alter the appearance of diamond bracelets or diamond necklaces.Some clasps are purely functional and add little aesthetic appeal, whilst other clasps can be incorporated into the design of the actual jewelry.There are many vintage looking pieces on the market today that are not vintage at all. Examine the wear closely, does it make sense that the piece shows wear marks in their location?Often a closer look at the details will reveal a word like "inspired, style, repo, reproduction, like" eliminating any doubt it is a NOT a true vintage piece. Vintage pieces ideally need to be seen from different angles. Perhaps certain parts have faded yet some have held their colour; that's a great clue for identifying vintage.Often this is seen on the gold or silvertone on the backs of earrings as is pitting to the metal. Perhaps it's your lucky day and you've found a vintage piece in wonderful condition but take the time to look closely for other clues before you purchase. At first glance it looks brassy like vintage pieces, in fact it looks like molded glass, prong set! The metal has received a brushed process to give it a vintage look, tapping the flower reveals that it is dense therefore likely a resin and not glass, as for the prongs - well they aren't holding a thing! Do the stones move at all under the prongs, are they perfectly aligned in the setting?

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