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Dating science your side - kissed dating goodbye cd

There is also some correlation between the side(s) we use in our brain and the side we use on our body.This preference to use one side of the body over the other is known as sidedness, laterality or left/right dominance.

But if part of a hemisphere is damaged when a person is young, other parts of the brain can often take over doing whatever the damaged regions of the brain used to do.Key concepts Brain Laterality Handedness Sidedness Left/right dominance Introduction If you write with your right hand, you might also prefer to draw a picture, throw a ball or eat food with the same hand.But have you ever wondered if your right foot is also more dominant than your left foot?• Are more of your volunteers right-handed or left-handed? Using additional tests would help you check and confirm your results.What about right-footed versus left-footed, right-eyed versus left-eyed and right-eared versus left-eared? • How many people that are right-handed are also right-footed? Can you think of other ways to test for sidedness using objects from around your home?Do different families have similar or different percentages?

Observations and results Were more of your volunteers right-handed than left-handed?

Does the trend in your results hold as you test more volunteers?

Do you see a correlation between sidedness and other factors, like age, gender or being genetically related? Try to find volunteers from different families and then group your results by family.

What about your right eye and ear—do you prefer to use them more than your left ones?

In this activity you'll get to find out whether people have a sidedness—that is, whether they generally prefer to do most activities with one side of their body—and which side that is.

• Repeat this process with at least four other volunteers.

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