G6lite not updating saves

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G6lite not updating saves - who is avril lavigne dating

Also to test to make sure the correct function is called when edit is triggered I printed a test on the screen and it work! I don't have my code infront of me so I can't post my load table functionso here is the problem var Start Time = row.

Infact load table works perfectly and also I have a remove that is working fine! is not updating my model value, though model.fetch updates the value fine.Please see my code below and let me know if I am doing anything wrong here: Model Interestingly, for save, the change event is not fired and the alert box gives me the old model value (i.e manish), whereas when fetch function executes, the change event is fired and the fetch callback gives me the new value (i.e logan).The problem is that when I, first time create it, it gets saved but when I change the text (passed through the user exit), though the values get displayed in the column but on saving the transaction the text doesnot get saved.Whereas If without using the user exit I change the text manually then on saving the transcation QE02, it gets saved in the column. How can I save the text on clicking the SAVE button in QE02.The "Inspection Description" column is asscociated with a Long text field.

Hence I also tried using the SAVE_TEXT function module in the BADI QE_SAVE. Also while using READ_TEXT in SE37 I can see that it picks up the text that has been changed by the user exit (the latest on).

I know that without wait:true the data in your success(model,response) callback should be the saved data.

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Find Control("txt End Time") as Text Box; var id = row.

Find Control("lbl Time ID") as Label; return the same sada that is initialy selected!

but when i click edit the correct fields prompt me to enter new value but it wont save!