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GN: If I could change something I would want to make county cricket more attractive. But they get small crowds and that is no good for the lads playing. They have others and they may not want this option next season.Maybe create a world series of domestic cricket where state teams from Australia and South Africa and sides from India and Pakistan play here in a world league of four-day cricket.

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Applicants should discuss their plans with the City of Bunbury in plenty of time before the Department of Sport and Recreation’s required deadline date as any applications need to be approved by Council and also be discussed with in the appropriate departments.

That's not the players, it is the media but there is a good mentality around England. What did you observe from seeing him when you were with the squad for 10 days? Also things like the way we eat had all changed since I was last in the squad. But really [brother] Phillip had a bigger choice to make.

From 12-13, he was outstanding at cricket and beating records set by Mike Atherton and John Crawley.

We were thinking 'lets go on and win the game.' MV: All Sunday was missing was Brian Kidd on his knees celebrating like he did when Steve Bruce scored against Sheffield Wednesday. GN: If Sky had been quicker they could probably have caught me doing it. It must be hard when you score a goal to not react when people are abusing. MV: We all think England have won the World Cup already. GN: I think we have had a chance in the previous five tournaments but the big moments have gone against us.

MV: I'm a football fan and watching the Emmanuel Adebayor celebration a couple of weeks ago I didn't think there was much wrong. I think we have a chance in this one but we can't keep getting to the quarter-final and then lose on penalties. At that under-15 Bunbury festival, when you bust your finger, if that hadn't happened and you had scored four or five hundreds, would you have chosen cricket over football? I signed for them when I was 14 but I enjoyed my cricket more between 14-16 than I did football.

MV: The atmosphere seemed more frenzied than usual? It's mixed messages and a lot of it is driven by the press. GN: You would have to ask him his motives but all I can say is that my motives are passion and winning. GN: He has changed in some ways but the fundamental things have not: the way he wants to win things and the way he comes down on top of you when your standards slip. But soon after I broke into the team he left the training.

GN: It was brilliant and them getting back into the game got their fans going. GN (who was on the bench): To be honest people have a go at us for scoring goals late in the game but to be fair we score goals late because of our mentality. MV: You must have a huge belief to do that because you score goals late so often. It raises the question of whether the FA are strong enough to step away from it and look at it for what it is. To be honest, we have lost games at the last minute. Playing top-level sport you have to take the rough with the smooth. He will move you on if you are not performing and will leave you out of the team if you are not helping him win trophies for the club. He is very quiet on the training ground and has always left the coaching to others.

Schenck and Cardea have been writing partners since 1977.

They have written almost 50 episodes of the CBS series, which is currently in its 14th season.

There were a few mistakes made and everything was going well for us. GN: It runs through the club and runs through all the big clubs. I have been to Man City and given goals away and you get abused for it. That has never changed but in some ways he is more relaxed person than he was 20 years ago. He comes alive on match days and that is his massive strength.

If you look at what was happening in the last five minutes on Sunday you will see that their bench were looking at their watches and wanting the draw. You celebrate a goal because you are winning a football match. He makes sure by being at training that standards remain high.

The Department of Sport and Recreation also has a great number of resource booklets for clubs available here.

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