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Before she can return to her apartment, Shempsky escapes.

Allen empties his gun at Ramirez, killing him, and allowing Stephanie to flee outside and borrow her neighbor's gun.High Five is the fifth novel by Janet Evanovich featuring the bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. Stephanie is dismayed to hear that none of her boss Vinnie's clients has gone FTA, so there is no work for her at the office.When her Uncle Fred goes missing, Stephanie agrees to help look for him.For the first time, Stephanie takes a job with Ranger's security company to make ends meet.Ranger assures her the jobs are morally justifiable, if not entirely legal, but Stephanie is (again) over her head while tagging along with Ranger's men: To add to all of Stephanie's problems, Morelli informs her that Benito Ramirez, the psychopathic boxer who stalked her in One for the Money has been released from prison."Bunchy" is actually a federal agent named Bronfman, who thinks that Fred somehow stumbled on the scam, and that is why he disappeared.

When Stephanie returns home, she is confronted by Allan Shempsky, the bank manager, who ties up Briggs and holds Stephanie at gunpoint.Featuring engaging video and audio materials, worksheets and notes for teachers, the series aims to encourage children to build their language skills, increase their understanding, and to develop an awareness of another culture.Emma, a native English speaker and authentic learner, is joined by Mathilde, a native French speaker, in a series of 40 video lessons covering common language structures and a range of topics appropriate for younger learners.Fred stumbled onto Laura's dismembered body, and recognized Larry as he was trying to drag the bags away, so he snapped the photos and planned to blackmail Larry.Allen also had to kill Larry, the receptionist, and their cohort at the cable company, all of whom were threatening to expose the skimming.On a suggestion from Bunchy, Stephanie takes Fred's canceled check for his overpayment to the bank, which says that all the garbage company's payments are routed through a different bank.