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In recent years, the US has eased travel restrictions for American of Cuban descent, and you now have a decent chance of getting a visa to visit family in Cuba.Then, if things go well between the two of you, you can bring her back to the United States on a fiance visa.

First, Americans can arrange for prospective Cuban brides to meet them in other countries, such as a Mexico or the Dominican Republic.One of the best websites to find Cuban women for dating is Latin American Cupid.They have thousands of hot Cuban babes on their site - but remember, like all Cupid Media Sites, Latin American Cupid is a classic dating agency, like or Plentyof Fish, which means they don't screen the profiles, and they don't offer any support services like the full service marriage agencies do.For American guys who don't want to deal with the hassle of dating or marrying a Cuban woman, take a look at our Brazil Girls.Yeah, it's a longer plane ride, but you don't have to worry about being arrested in Cuba for spying or arrested when you get back to the states for breaking the embargo.We here at ILS are hoping that A Foreign Affair will jump into Cuban dating eventually, but for now, if you're looking for Cuban women for marriage, Amolatina is one of the few "Full Service" players in town.

Cuba is a multiracial society with a population of mainly Spanish and African origins, and the girls are HOT! Far from being quiet, passive, and demure, Cuba girls are famous for being fiery and passionate.Arrange to spend a weekend with her at a resort hotel, and let the carefree, vacation setting work its magic.Finally, if you are not able to meet your Cuban girlfriend outside of Cuba, there is a fairly simple way for Americans to get around the rules: don't fly directly from the United States to Cuba.Internet dating is not as strong of an option for girls in Cuba as for other Latin American girls. As an island nation, Cubans must connect to the internet via satellite, which is slower and more expensive than broadband.Only about 12% of the population has access to the internet connection through the workplace, schools, and government offices.The Cuban Embargo was imposed by the Eisenhower Administration in October 1960 and has been keeping Americans out of Cuba ever since.