Infj dating match

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Infj dating match - are vanessa hudgens and zac efron still dating

Although idealistic and reserved, this persona has strong values that will not easily be tossed aside.

ENTP (extravert, intuitive, thinking, perceiving) is another personality type that gets along well with the INFJ for the same reasons.This kind of individual is sensitive, perceptive, and highly likely to stick with a gut instinct about a person or situation; and their instincts are usually right.As prone as this character is to picking up on others’ feelings, intentions, and general personality traits, this particular individual will be less likely to offer up their own feelings and may be accused of “holding back” in their relationships, primarily romantic ones.There are four primary Myers-Briggs personalities that seem to get along best in INFJ relationships.One such personality is the ENFP (extravert, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving).This stubborn character will frequently reassess the priorities in their life to ensure that they live up to their full potential, though rarely will they feel as though they have achieved this high goal.

For the right partner, a “protector” can make a wonderful spouse and parent.In fact, INFJs often prefer to work alone because, in their opinion, that’s the only way that everything will be done to their high standard.In a relationship, this persona may become annoyed with a partner who introduces chaos to their carefully crafted environment.Although easily able to move on past a relationship that clearly is not working, this individual will be completely devoted to the right person and is most likely in search of a long-term relationship.The “protector” is very gentle and makes a good listener.INFJ is a rare but intriguing personality to come across and even more unusual to find in the male gender.

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