Iphone 5 not updating email

14-Nov-2014 05:38 by 9 Comments

Iphone 5 not updating email

The screenshot on this page reveals i OS 8.2 with the Watch and Mail app on the same screen.One of the most common problems with i Phone Mail will be sending and receiving email, which we have seen first hand with many complaints in regard to i Phone mail coming in, but not going out due to unforeseen issues.

You will probably see that the On My i Phone – Sent folder is currently set.The same principle applies for both ftp and email (unless you are connecting securley using secure##.inmotionhosting.com). If you have remove and re-added the email account and it is still not working, I recommend contacting our support department via phone, chat, or email to ensure that the settings that you are entering are correct.If you are still having the, "mail server is not responding" problem, please try a different Host name as described on this page. I am connecting securely so the solution you provide do not apply to me. If the settings are correct and you have removed/re-added the account to your phone, I recommend contacting Apple for further assistance as something within your phone may be corrupted. What worked for me (just a few minutes ago) was to go to Setting, then General, and at the bottom tap Reset, then on next page I hit reset network settings. The phone shut off for about five minutes and when it came up all my emails were fine.Make sure you're using the latest version of the i OS software.Settings that connect Yahoo Mail to the app can be incorrect or corrupt.most likely there was a temporary issue on the server.

If that is the case, it should be resolved by now as these temporary issues are not usually long lived. IP Blocked/Blacklisted on server At times the server's security software may see your IP address a a threat.To check if your email is a POP3 account, go to Settings If your email provider requires your account to use port 25, then you can only send email when you’re connected to your email provider’s network.Check with your email provider for settings and availability.Sometimes the i Phone or i Pad won’t automatically detect the correct Sent Items IMAP folder on the server and will resort to storing Sent Items locally. Here is how to correct this on the i Phone – it’s very similar for the i Pad.Open the settings icon and then click on the problem email account.For example, a script may be trying to connect to the server over and over from your IP address. You can easily determine if your IP is blocked from the server.

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