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For the first three years of running her business, Andersen did not charge for her services, in order to create a critical mass of clients.In 2005, she returned to Palo Alto to operate her business.

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Matchmaking While living in Palo Alto, California from 2000 to 2002 Andersen noticed a dearth of single professional females in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, and a surplus of single professional men.

She opened Linx Dating in 2003 in San Francisco, operating the business out of local coffee shops such as The Grove, South Beach Cafe, and Starbucks.

You now can find the successful man or woman of your dreams in the world of Love 2.0! It seems like some people with deep pockets — in particular, Silicon Valley executives — are outsourcing their search for Mr. Fees for these services are all over the map from basic, no-guarantees membership at 0 all the way to 6 figures a year! As the work-obsessed get closer to middle age, opportunities to find romance dwindle.

Now even if matchmaking services aren’t new, the ones described in this story caught my attention since they were specifically targeting Valley executives as clients. Some bits and pieces: That kind of all-consuming careerism comes with a catch.

Andersen takes them from geek to chic by revamping wardrobes and grooming regimens (“clip nails, shave the beard, meet my hair guy for a new do”) to boost their confidence and their chances of impressing their dates. Now he’s in his mid-40s and he’s going, ‘Wait a minute,’ ” Kelleher said. Then it’s just a matter of finding the right chemistry,” she said.

Her fees range from entry-level, no-guarantees membership at 0 (which has a long waiting list) to the all-frills membership at ,500 for 24 months.“I have a guy with a couple of airplanes, a 100-foot boat. I am somewhat encouraged that services like this exist, which are customized and more personalized versions of online dating sites like or e and is yet just another twist on matchmaking.macアドレスはIEEEで管理されていて、最新のデータは下記より取得可能です。 ■テキストファイル the Public MA-L Listing」から検索することが可能です。 MAC ベンダー 00-00-00 XEROX CORPORATION 00-00-01 XEROX CORPORATION 00-00-02 XEROX CORPORATION 00-00-03 XEROX CORPORATION 00-00-04 XEROX CORPORATION 00-00-05 XEROX CORPORATION 00-00-06 XEROX CORPORATION 00-00-07 XEROX CORPORATION 00-00-08 XEROX CORPORATION 00-00-09 XEROX CORPORATION 00-00-0A OMRON TATEISI ELECTRONICS CO. 00-00-17 Oracle 00-00-18 WEBSTER COMPUTER CORPORATION 00-00-19 APPLIED DYNAMICS INTERNATIONAL 00-00-1A ADVANCED MICRO DEVICES 00-00-1B NOVELL INC. 00-00-0B MATRIX CORPORATION 00-00-0C CISCO SYSTEMS, INC. 00-00-1C BELL TECHNOLOGIES 00-00-1D CABLETRON SYSTEMS, INC. 00-00-23 ABB INDUSTRIAL SYSTEMS AB 00-00-24 CONNECT AS 00-00-25 RAMTEK CORP. 00-00-27 JAPAN RADIO COMPANY 00-00-28 PRODIGY SYSTEMS CORPORATION 00-00-29 IMC NETWORKS CORP. 00-00-48 SEIKO EPSON CORPORATION 00-00-49 APRICOT COMPUTERS, LTD 00-00-4A ADC CODENOLL TECHNOLOGY CORP. 00-00-5D CS TELECOM 00-00-5E ICANN, IANA Department 00-00-5F SUMITOMO ELECTRIC IND., LTD. 00-00-72 MINIWARE TECHNOLOGY 00-00-73 SIECOR CORPORATION 00-00-74 RICOH COMPANY LTD. 00-00-A2 BAY NETWORKS 00-00-A3 NETWORK APPLICATION TECHNOLOGY 00-00-A4 ACORN COMPUTERS LIMITED 00-00-A5 Tattile SRL 00-00-A6 NETWORK GENERAL CORPORATION 00-00-A7 NETWORK COMPUTING DEVICES INC. 00-00-AE DASSAULT ELECTRONIQUE 00-00-AF Canberra Industries, Inc. 00-00-4B ICL DATA OY 00-00-4C NEC CORPORATION 00-00-4D DCI CORPORATION 00-00-4E AMPEX CORPORATION 00-00-4F LOGICRAFT, INC. 00-00-60 KONTRON ELEKTRONIK GMBH 00-00-61 GATEWAY COMMUNICATIONS 00-00-62 BULL HN INFORMATION SYSTEMS 00-00-63 BARCO CONTROL ROOMS GMBH 00-00-64 Yokogawa Electric Corporation 00-00-65 Network General Corporation 00-00-66 TALARIS SYSTEMS, INC. 00-00-68 ROSEMOUNT CONTROLS 00-00-69 CONCORD COMMUNICATIONS INC 00-00-6A COMPUTER CONSOLES INC. 00-00-75 Nortel Networks 00-00-76 ABEKAS VIDEO SYSTEM 00-00-77 INTERPHASE CORPORATION 00-00-78 LABTAM LIMITED 00-00-79 NETWORTH INCORPORATED 00-00-7A DANA COMPUTER INC. 00-00-8A DATAHOUSE INFORMATION SYSTEMS 00-00-8B INFOTRON 00-00-8C Alloy Computer Products (Australia) Pty Ltd 00-00-8D Cryptek Inc. 00-00-8F Raytheon 00-00-90 MICROCOM 00-00-91 ANRITSU CORPORATION 00-00-92 COGENT DATA TECHNOLOGIES 00-00-93 PROTEON INC. 00-00-B0 RND-RAD NETWORK DEVICES 00-00-B1 ALPHA MICROSYSTEMS INC. 00-00-B3 CIMLINC INCORPORATED 00-00-B4 EDIMAX COMPUTER COMPANY 00-00-B5 DATABILITY SOFTWARE SYS. 00-00-B6 MICRO-MATIC RESEARCH 00-00-B7 DOVE COMPUTER CORPORATION 00-00-B8 SEIKOSHA CO., LTD. 00-01-24 Acer Incorporated 00-01-25 YAESU MUSEN CO., LTD. 00-01-DA WINCOMM Corporation 00-01-DB Freecom Technologies Gmb H 00-01-DC Activetelco 00-01-DD Avail Networks 00-01-DE Trango Systems, Inc. I have some very good friends out there who may be interested in such a service!