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The only correct answer is that humans have choices What we decide to do about relationships is entirely up to the individuals concernedswans can pair for life, and with their necks intwined swimming together they form the classic love heart shape ( icon modeled from a human heart, ewe as if)wolves - mate for life and have no family courts whatso everalbertross's can travel the world, but when its baby making time they go back to the same spot with same partner for life.there are many more animals (my mum n dad inc.) out there that share bonds for life and there are even monogomist parasitic worms that live inside us...

marriage is tough..thats true but relatively easy, when its all going your way..when its not.its hard to hang in there.is, but isnt that why you got married ??

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Hi everyone ive noticed that there are married women and i guess married men out there on this site and from profiles ive seen that they are after like an affair but i think if your not happy been married why be married instead of having an affair so could someone or everyone give me an insight for a reason for this please just i'm curious.

Sometimes break ups are much more life changing and disrupting than getting your end wet elsewhere.

So in this scenario outsourcing is required to maintain all the other functioning parts of the partnership. There are a million reasons why people cheat (not sexist here)..heres the main reason, cause they can..!!!!!

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Sign up on the 100% free online dating site that can help you find sexy local singles today!Trust me you are opening Pandoras Box....careful what you wish for Probably what Pookie already said, but I think there's a high risk that if you start a physical relationship with someone you like, you'll end up with feelings for them..then things might start to overlap and you'll possibly break up your marriage anyway, with lots of hurt feelings all round.But yeah, I've got a friend who managed it for a while.Free, quality experiences can be had within minutes of signing up.Join chatrooms, create your profile, and see who's out there.and because we have free will and choices in life, then people will always cheat....

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    I was concerned that, by having such a regular affair with me, he wouldn’t develop relationships with his peers.

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