Mary kate olsen is dating nico

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Mary kate olsen is dating nico

In an age where Kim Kardashian and any number of other remind-us-all-why-they’re-famous types seem to flit between TV screens and magazine covers, why not another?And in a way, it has been — accounts show that her company, PXM Enterprises, made a healthy profit of £220,000 in the last tax year, arguably not for very much at all. She seems unwilling to accept a career in the media — which by its very nature is trouble-making, and whose members are more interested in her for her royal connections than anything else — may be a false step.

TV company NBC had decided not to hire Pippa as their ‘special correspondent’, a nebulous role that saw a vast salary — £400,000 a year, apparently — being bandied around before eventually disintegrating. NBC, it is said, was keen not to repeat the expensive mistake it made a couple of years back with Chelsea Clinton.Ideas based on lifestyle, sports and party planning have been floated, but none have stuck.The dead cert for ratings — Pippa dishing dirt on the royals — is out of the question. Pippa does have quite enough on as an ambassador of the British Heart Foundation, her endless quest for fitness, her Party Times job and regular visits to Switzerland to see Nico.But there are still other avenues open to her in which she might not be accused of trading solely on her royal connections.Pippa Middleton and her beau Nico Jackson hold hands as they head to Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad on Sunday (August 24) in Gstaad, Switzerland.But she’s never been ‘careful’ on TV — she talked about Princess Diana after she died and was always willing to dish the dirt on herself. Since the NBC news leaked out, a PR battle has been simmering over the story.

No such avenues are open to Pippa, who tried to turn herself into a roving reporter but, according to one source, ‘doesn’t have that breezy, jabbering motormouth quality such a role requires. Friends of Pippa say she didn’t want to move to the U. as it would be too far away from Nico Jackson, the 37-year-old investment banker she’s been dating since 2012, who now lives in Geneva.

She’s also a member of the nearby Queen’s Club, where she leaps out of her sporty Audi in her tennis whites and goes straight on court, avoiding the changing rooms for fear of being snapped or talked about. Nico and Pippa are completely private there and, according to a friend, ‘she dons her top-of-the-range skiwear and they head off-piste — they are both crack skiers’.

Of course, Pippa could decide that she just wants to get married and have children soon. In June, she has another big engagement, leading the London to Brighton charity bike ride as part of her work for the British Heart Foundation.

An interview with Matt Lauer on NBC’s flagship Today show last summer was a ratings hit and led to the idea of the ‘roving reporter’ post.‘A year living in the States, feted by Andre Balazs-types [the super-connected hotelier and owner of the Chiltern Firehouse in London, who counts Uma Thurman and Cameron Diaz among his exes and Pippa among his friends] and partying with Princess Eugenie would have been enormous fun for Pippa.

But NBC hasn’t been able to work out what to do with her.

After university, a stint at a PR company was followed by a post at party planners Table Talk, where she was, apparently, ‘very efficient and organised’.

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