New nanomaterials for protecting and consolidating stone

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New nanomaterials for protecting and consolidating stone - dating denver new york

Although these innovative materials have been extensively characterized, little is known about their behaviour in outdoor environment and their durability.The EC NANOMATCH Project is aimed at developing innovative consolidating products for carbonate matrices, wood and glass.

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The meeting organized by the European project Nanorestart, by the Center for the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage “La Venaria Reale”, and by IGIIC, aims to explore the world of nanosystemsapplied to the conservation of cultural heritage, creating a conference that focuses onthree essential sections: The use of nanomaterials for the cleaning of paint layers: the removal of atmospheric particulate matter and non-original varnishesfrompaintings of the twentieth century Luciano Pensabene Buemi, Head of conservation – Collezione Peggy Guggenheim, Venice; Maria Laura Petruzzellis, Nanorestart Fellow – Collezione Peggy Guggenheim, Venice; Stefano Trucco, President CCR – Centro Conservazione Restauro “La Venaria Reale”; Rosanna Piervittori, Presidente Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Conservazione e Restauro dei Beni Culturali, S. The foreseen impact of climate change on carbonate stone, marble and limestone, for the 21st century indicates that they will undergo an increase of surface recession, resulting mainly from the yearly precipitation amount and the rise in carbon dioxide concentration; in addition, thermal stress will be experienced by marble, and increased salt crystallization by porous stone [].Although knowledge on deterioration processes of building materials have been greatly improved, no really effective solutions to preserve and protect these materials have been found yet.Nanomaterials exhibit characteristics that are peculiar and different than those of bulk materials.This can result in enhanced chemical, electrical, magnetic and optical properties that are advantageous for numerous applications. The impact of climate on cultural heritage surfaces leads to several damage processes and the protection and the preservation of works of art is a challenge for conservation scientists and restorers.

Traditional and innovative products are used in consolidating treatments in order to reduce the effects of the interaction environment-materials.

In the last decade nanomaterials have been specifically developed for restoration procedures.

In particular calcium, magnesium, barium hydroxide nanoparticles have been largely studied and their potentiality as surface consolidating agents has been demonstrated [].

The expected features making them competitive respect to conventional conservation products are their (i) compatibility with the main materials used in built heritage like stone and wood -even painted- and glass, ensuring enhanced durability, re-treatability, sustainability and efficiency, (ii) easy and safe handling during applications, (iii) satisfactory selling prices.

In this paper we will briefly describe the methodological approach adopted for the evaluation in field of the performances of newly developed products compared to commercial ones applied on carbonate stones.

Traditional inorganic treatments, though usually more compatible with the carbonate matrices, suffer from low solubility and therefore a resulting low amount of applied product as well as from a scarcely cohesive effect.

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