On validating simulation models of missile systems

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On validating simulation models of missile systems - divorcedatingpost com

For example, is the logic in the conceptual model correct and are the model’s input-output relationships reasonable?If historical data exist (e.g., data collected on a system specifically for building and testing a model), part of the data are used to build the model and the remaining data are used to determine (test) whether the model behaves as the system does.

Here, the development of a simulation model that has undergone a formal verification, validation, and accreditation (VV&A) process is not only desirable, but essential.MITRE SE Roles & Expectations: The MITRE systems engineer (SE) is expected to have a sound knowledge of the system being modeled and the software process for developing the model in order to provide effective technical guidance in the design and execution of plans to verify and/or validate a model, or to provide specialized technical expertise in the collection and analysis of varying types of data required to do so.A MITRE SE is expected to be able to work directly with the developer of the system and the simulation model to provide technical insight into model verification and validation.This technique consists of changing the values of the input and internal parameters of a model to determine the effect on the model’s behavior of output.The same relations should occur in the model as in the real system.Torch manages, develops, and validates a variety of simulations and simulation tools, including emulators and simulators, to facilitate a complete understanding of the operational system environment.

We develop simulations based on complex mathematical and phenomenology models for a variety of problem domains including the following: platform; interceptor; threat sensor; and Command, Control, Communications and Computers (C4).Torch incorporates these complex models into larger system simulations for analysis of system-wide problems in a variety of areas such as integrated air and missile defense, ballistic missile defense sensor and weapon performance, and integrated UAS weapon system performance.Our specific capabilities in this area include the following: Physics-based modeling of interceptors, aviation platforms and threats, including detailed models of aerodynamics, guidance and control systems, navigation components, sensors and data links.The model is used to predict (forecast) the system’s behavior, and then the system’s behavior and the model’s forecast are compared to determine if they are the same.The system’s data may come from an operational system or be obtained by conducting experiments on the system, e.g., field tests.Verification is an iterative process aimed at determining whether the product of each step in the development of the simulation model fulfills all the requirements levied on it by the previous step and is internally complete, consistent, and correct enough to support the next phase [3].

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