Overweight guys dating

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Overweight guys dating

If your core cannot accept it, don't let her get to know you. How many times do we get someone (guy or girl) posting "oh, if only someone would look past my weight/looks/whatever-trait-i-am-insecure-about"? Just never really thought about this sort of thing before.

I am not trolling for attention or anything like that this has just been on my mind and I am wanting some insight. If she does like you, she wont after you bore her with urself pity....

If it bothers you that you are over weight, then so something about it. You said something about her liking your photos, could be a way of you taking pics of her for free...don't know...that's why I said be careful. I am not charging her for the photos she is signing a modle release so I can use the photos for advertising purposes when I do get my photography side business up and running.

Although opposites do attract, some can and will use their beauty to get what they want. Thankyou passion I guess I misread your first post and apologize for that. We talked that over prior to our conversations lead deeper and making plans to go out instead of just doing the pictures. If she flat out told you she's interested like you said in the original post, I don't see how you can misread a connection the way Cultured Black Man says. Most issues with an obese person are with their legs.

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I apologize if this is repetitive but i did a thread search for over an hour and could not find any topic with this exact subject matter.

You question it like you don't deserve anything better. But DO guard your heart in case it doesn't work out. My doctor can't believe my bloodwork comes back perfect.

He says he is on ten meds and can't get close to the numbers my bloodwork comes back with.She is a gorgeous women and has a very athletic type body and I am pushing 375lbs.She could probably have any guy she wants between her looks and her personality.Anywho I have been talking to an old friends sister I haven't seen or talked to either in over 10 years.We are all friends on facebook for past couple years but never really talked until a couple weeks ago.She says she has always like me as in wanted to date but never brought it up as she only thought I could only see her as her brothers little sister.