Play new games on your ps3 without updating

27-May-2015 09:57 by 8 Comments

Play new games on your ps3 without updating - Sexy cam indonesia

The original Fat systems cost 600 bucks, I think those people paid to have linux abilities.Perhaps Sony should send all of those people a 300 dollar refund.

Hopefully pirating issues won't be much of an issue. Do you really want to deal with that issue every 3 months?

If everything worked right your PSTV is now activated.

If it is true, the pirates will be all over this one. :( I mean, I'm fine with those who just want to use Linux or something for personal reasons, but at the same time.

Once the game is downloaded, you need to go through the setup process on your PSTV.

Put in your Playstation Network ID and password when prompted but DO NOT update.

I know there are new people coming into the scene every day and the first thing they want to know is how do I get my Vita or Playstation TV activated so I can stay on a lower firmware since Sony wants me to update to connect to the Playstation Network.

Well, here is all you will need to know in that department.

Sony's a business, they'll lose much more if pirates are able to exploit they're latest venture.

It pains me to see a beloved feature taken away because of a select few who would rather abuse and screw it up for the rest of 'ya than use it as it was meant to be used. So basically Sony is banning your console from PSN unless you allow them to steal a feature from you that you paid money for.

Once you get through the setup you should be on your vita home screen.

I would, at this point, suggest going into settings and make sure to disable automatic downloading of updates.

A Playstation TV is a bit different when it comes to activation. Since there is no USB cord to connect to a PS3 you will need Vita Update Blocker which can be found .

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