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But you amazing readers, had your favorites and you wanted to know what happened to them.

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So, to be fair, I chose the final three from each season.We read the ones that you wanted to know about and we’re gonna give them to you!We also included a few that you didn’t ask for, but definitely left a mark in Flav’s rented mansion and burned images in our brains that we haven’t been able to forget… Reality television is full of colorful characters, but I doubt that anyone held a candle to Ms. She made the show even more entertaining with her grandiose claims, inability to cook chicken and holding on to certain “truths” as if her life depended on it (“This is my real hair…” “Everyone who knows me says I remind them of Beyonce…” “This is my man, my mansion and my money…”)After being cut from Flavor of Love because Flav perceived her as a gold digger (now why would he have make that accusation?I'm sorry, on my last message, it blocked the words D-U-M-M-I-E-S and M-O-R-O-N-S.i'm not sure how old(like days) are you suppose to be if you want to be on the dating show?Warning the other tamas will cry and leave from tamagotchi.

so i am just going to wait =]the dating show is a matchmaker!they will hatch and you can use only the dating channel when you repeat tamagotchi is 5 days old and i still can't get married!!!in the OLDER ADULT stage, you wait TWO days and then you can go on the dating show and get married.Posted: apr 14, 2009 am Best answer Unregistered 0 0Re: YOU DUMMIES!When I started on my first venture of “Where Are they Now?

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