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Some authors have distinguished between local features and global features.

one type of neuron might fire when a vertical line is presented, another type of neuron might fire if a horizontal line moving in a particular direction is shown).

Gibson's emphasis on the match between individual and environment led him to refer to his approach as One way for people to recognize objects in their environment would be for them to compare their representations of those objects with templates stored in memory.

For example, if I can achieve a match between the large red object I see in the street and my stored representation of a London bus, then I recognize a London bus.

Thus they know most of the unpleasant tricks our mind can play on us and how to deal with them.

Generally, dating a therapist, psychiatrist or psychologist (there are slight differences between all) is a worthwhile life experience.

He showed participants large letter "H"s or "S"s that were made up of smaller letters, either small Hs or small Ss.

People were faster to identify the larger letter than the smaller ones, and the response time was the same regardless of whether the smaller letters (the local features) were Hs or Ss.

For example, if I write a letter "L" in a slanted fashion, I cannot match this to a stored description that states that L must have a vertical line.

Another difficulty arises from trying to generalise the theory to the natural objects that we encounter in our environment.

However, one difficulty for this theory is illustrated in the figure to the right.

Here, we have no problem differentiating the middle letters in each word (H and A), even though they are identical.

Feature-matching theories propose that we decompose visual patterns into a set of critical features, which we then try to match against features stored in memory.

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