Ray ablack and melinda shankar dating

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Ray ablack and melinda shankar dating

RA: Well, I talked to this girl who we know, and she was booking a show at the time, which was just coincidence. She was a year younger than me and she also was working with Free the Children.

I met Emmanuel and Emmanuel was talking to me about a show that he was working on with Matt Murray (the director of Teenagers).Cosmogirl: Tell us what we can expect from Sav this year! Not unlike a lot of grade 11 kids, Sav was friends with kids in grade 12 from the former year. He just fell into the crowd with the older kids there, and now they're gone.He's an overall friendly guy, so he's going to make new friends, no problem. RA: I don't want to break anyone's hearts out there who was really loving Studz but I feel like we're going to break up. We were on set, and Shane's just tapping away on the drum kit on set.In mid 2016, he launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a comedic sketch web series called O' Brother featuring his comedy troupe Whys Guise, which includes fellow Degrassi alums Shane Kippel, Melinda Shankar and Dalmar Abuzeid.In 2007, Ablack traveled to Africa with five Degrassi cast member's to build a school in Kenya and in 2008 he travelled again with his cast members to do charity work in Ecuador.It was somewhere in watching the Lion King on stage in that audience that I thought “I could probably do that”.

I think it would have to be anything to do with production. but I do like the whole production format when it comes to broadcast media. I think she is one of the best actors to have been a part of the Degrassi franchise. My best friend Dalmar (Abuzeid), who’s also my roommate, was in a film called Pompeii with another young actor from Toronto named Emmanuel Kabongo.

He had to do a film project for his film course and he did Teenagers.

So if we do a third season it’s because it’s received so much admiration. The difficulty lies in getting all these people who worked on it, getting them back together and making sure schedules don’t conflict, people sometimes get other work and stuff. Yeah, we don’t have networks and money to appease people, it’s just getting schedules to work in harmony. Again, because there is no network and there’s no rigid production schedule where they have to get one episode done in two days or something, there’s no formula like that, it’s just as quickly as he can shoot everything that he has.

A documentary of Raymond and his cast mates' trip aired on MTV in Canada in the fall of 2007.

In 2010, he travelled to India to help build schools.

CG: But you're still a band called Speed Sound in real life. Jamie's plucking away some little thing that he was thinking about at home on the guitar. The next week we got together at Shane's basement, where his drum kit is, and we just had a jam.

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