Rules of dating korean movie

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Rules of dating korean movie - online dating first meeting tips

The role woman takes up in Korean society is as much in the center of events as themes like sex or love are.What's making the movie interesting is that this time your typical love story is told from backwards to forwards.

Even if the focus still lies on the individual persons.

The movie does take itself very serious as a drama, yet also delivers a few unconventional jokes.

The intensity of the film is mainly achieved because of its charming and interesting protagonists, nonetheless, the plot is also quite good.

Meaning that now it's first sex and then the relationship starts to evolve and undergo some changes!

At first it's a bit difficult to make friends with the protagonists.

Choi refuses, of course, especially since she has a boyfriend already.

She also avoids Lee's continuous attempts to make a pass at her, but does so in a strange passive way, as if she isn't really unwilling. After the two spent the night together, their relationship just starts to get interesting.

Review: Another movie that doesn't meet the expecations the cover and title raise. "Rules of Dating" was most likely promoted as a comedy romance out of marketing reasons.

In fact director Han Jae-rim's debut is a romance drama that tells a good story with extraordinary characters.

We instantly start to hate him, but Park manages the seemingly impossible to change into a caring, protecting and likeable friend, who somehow has more feelings for Choi than he wants to admit to himself.

The hardly understandable actions, odd behavior and strange situations in which Lee and Choi oftentimes are involved in only make sense in retrospect, when we get to know the characters a little bit better and are introduced to their past.

Director Han Jae-rim knows how to win the audience's attention by implementing good dialogues and a good pacing.