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Through a messenger of Kaoleioku, of Waipunalei, the high-priest of the temple of Manini, at Koholalele the two priests contacted Umi's court.

The Kingdom was prosperous and important for its agriculture and strategic location in the Pacific.

Other theories suggest dates as late as 700 to 800.

The history of the ancient Polynesians was passed down through oral genealogy chants that were recited at formal and family functions.

The aliʻi nui was the king, with his ʻaha kuhina just below them.

The aliʻi were the royal nobles with the kahuna (high priest) below them, the makaʻāinana (commoners) next with the kauā below them as the lowest ranking social caste.

The rulers of the Hawaiian islands (noho aliʻi o ko Hawaiʻi Pae ʻAina) are a line of Native Hawaiians who were independent rulers of various subdivisions of the islands of Hawaii.

Their genealogy is traced to Hānalaʻanui and others.

in many cases the men involved felt it an honor and responsibility to honor their hana lawelawe.

Just before his death, Liloa bestowed on Hākau the succession as Chief stating telling Umi that he was to serve as his "man" (Prime Minister) and that both were to respect the other and should either have issue with the other it would be for them to decide. To avoid his brother's anger, 'Umi exiled himself to another district.

Hākau refused to help Nunu and Ka-hohe, his father's two favorite, ailing Kahuna who had requested food. This was a period in when no King could defy a Kahuna.

Many had a royal bloodline, land and could leave their temples as warriors when needed, but could never relinquish their spiritual responsibilities.

The aliʻi nui were responsible for making sure the people observed a strict kapu (a code of conduct relating to taboos).

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