Sims social close friends to dating

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Sims social close friends to dating

Family ties are much tighter and far better written on The Sims 3. A few generations apart and they can (I had two get hitched and have kids who were related through a great-great-great-great grandfather.). This has happened to me, and was no end of frustration. He had a girlfriend who did have commitment issues.

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This pair didn’t get on, so the Father went off and had children with someone else.

Part of me wants to say “unfortunately not…”, but that might sound a bit dodgy.

You see, I had this crazy idea for a couple of my sims.

In order to complete that lifetime wish you have to have become the boyfriend/girlfriend of 10 other sims, having just been romantically linked is not good enough.

In The Sims 3, can you get family to be romantically involved?

He had to move in with her, rather than her moving into the active household as I had no room there. What happens on The Sims 3 if someone rejects a marriage proposal?

I’ve had sims in the past with commitment issues who have gone on to propose to and marry other sims, no problem there. Eventually I had to split and then merge the households. Choose the button to split a family, choose who is going to move out. You can now merge the person or people that you just split out with the people whom you wish for them to live with, so long as there is space in that household. Err, they reject it, and that’s pretty much the end of it.

I had one woman whose girlfriend had the Insane trait and she kept asking this crazy woman to marry her.

She asked about four times and was rejected every single time.

A dialogue box will come up asking you to choose some variables.

These include the time of the party, the type of dress, and the type of party (you have a choice of Birthday, House, Wedding and Funeral I believe). Once you’ve set all of those and clicked okay, it’s just a matter of waiting until the time counts down and your party is near.

Instead they have to wait until they get to the Young Adult stage before they can move out.

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