Sirius xm updating message

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Sirius xm updating message - who is rozonda chilli thomas dating

Move the antenna around to see if the signal strength improves.If the antenna is mounted outside, try re-aiming it.

If the warranty on the unit has passed, you may need to purchase a new receiver.If you do get sound with another music source and the auxiliary settings are correct, you may need to replace the audio cable connecting the Sirius XM receiver to the amplifier.The Sirius XM receiver and/or A/C power supply may be bad.Press the select button to choose the desired channel OR make sure that you are on "direct tune" mode. We have some electronic user manuals available, so please call or email us to see if we have a copy of the manual for your radio: 1-866-896-7040 or [email protected] the audio out on the Sirius XM receiver If the screen is displaying the channel and song information properly and you do not have any of the above screen errors, the Sirius XM receiver is probably working fine.Make sure the Sirius XM antenna cable is firmly and securely plugged into the cradle.

Make sure the Sirius XM antenna cable is not bent or broken.If you do not hear anything, make sure that the amplifier is on the correct auxiliary input setting and that the unit is actually getting power.If you still cannot get sound, you may need to replace the amp/stereo system and/or the speaker wire and/or speakers.If the Sirius XM unit is replaced by either method, please call us at 1-888-964-2874 to give us your new Radio ID.My radio and reception have been flawless for my 6 month trial. That tells me that I am receiving a signal from the satellite. What do they say about your flawless 6 month trial? Funny you mentioned their fb page, I was waiting for it to load when I read this.So I called the phone # on the screen, got the refresh, the screen said, "subscription updated, press any key to continue." Soon I was listening to music again. With a situation as specialized as yours, personally, I would contact their facebook page support. Cheers The only other thing I would suggest is sending a refresh signal but, it seems clear that something is mixed up on their end from the activation.