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Son dambi dating - who is sarah winchester dating

Son Dambi is currently promoting her new mini-album which was released on November 12th.Source: Newsen # Son Dam Bi, Pledis Entertainment The Tears Are Falling - Son Dam Bi Son Dam Bi returned with her new MV titled "The Tears Are Falling".

This video wasn't about looking pretty or dancing as wonderfully as Son Dam Bi does; but it had a consistant storyline of Dam Bi as the patient.She is best known for her 2008 hit "Crazy" and has also tried her hand at acting through SBS TV series "Dream" with Kim Bum.She is currently promoting her third mini-album "queen" which was released in early July. Revealed through the Pledis Entertainment You Tube channel on November 6, the short 30-second teaser is a dramatic one, showing lightning storms, exploding chandeliers, Son Dambi sinking in a bath tub and more. Tears Falling Remix Source: Pledisartist # Son Dambi is gearing up for her return and has just released her music video teaser.She's considered the sexiest singer in Korea so I actually didn't mind it," Song said.

"However, I'm sorry to disappoint you but unfortunately, it's not true."The actor, who has been filming "The Invincible" on overseas locations till recently, then added, "It's only been a week since I've returned to Korea so I thought about how the scandal came about when I realized that I had run into her at a Japanese restaurant not long ago but I don't think she saw me."Representatives for both stars had dismissed the report yesterday, saying that the two are not even friends. Company explained that Song is "not even acquainted with Son on a personal level and have never met privately one-on-one" while Pledis said Son is "extremely busy these days with her shooting schedule for music and variety shows."Song has been one of Korea's hottest male actors since appearing in popular sitcom "Three Guys and Three Girls" (MBC, 1996) and has since starred in many television dramas and films including the smash hits "Autumn Tale" (KBS2, 2000), "Summer Scent" (KBS2, 2003) and "East of Eden" (MBC, 2008)."The Invincible," a Korean remake of the Hong Kong classic "A Better Tomorrow," is set for a release around the Korean Chuseok holidays in late September.The music video for "Tears Falling," which was released along with the album, features a sultry choreography and begins with Son Dambi looking out of a window at the pouring rain. The song once again highlights Zias emotional and amazing vocals as well as features the rapping of Block Bs Kyung.Check out the music video below, and don't forget to support Son Dambi by purchasing her music on sites such as Melon and Bugs! Take a listen to the track below: Update: Loen Entertainment revealed a short music video for Tears Falling Down featuring the appearance of ZE: A member Lim Siwan.Song is also set to make a comeback to the small screen later this year through TV series "My Princess" opposite top Korean actress Kim Tae-hee.Son, 26, debuted through single "Cry Eye" in 2007 and has released two mini-albums and a full-length album to date.Check out the making-of video below: Source: pledisartist # After releasing her new mini-album and music video for "Dripping Tears" earlier this week, K-Pop queen Son Dambi performed her comeback stage on today's episode of Inkigayo, with "I Wanna Be With You" and title track "Dripping Tears." Dressed in a more casual outfit for "I Wanna Be WIth You," Son Dambi wore a baseball cap with a buttoned shirt and plaid mini skirt.

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