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And if you don’t have any ideas, the time can be wasted trying to come up with a plan. Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through it, step-by-step!We have TONS of ideas in these surveys, and you can go through to pick and choose what sounds fun together! The planning guide will help you pull off an awesome date, and let you know when to make reservations, find a babysitter and more! Let your spouse know that they will be rewarded for their efforts with something sweet or sexy – give them a Date Night IOU!

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Some couples are a bit hesitant to start trying Date Night, or maybe you don’t know how to date your spouse successfully.

There’s just not as much time and energy to focus on each other… This printable dating guide for spouses with help you get back into the swing of dating and remember HOW to date your spouse!

Once you start, you’ll be hooked and your marriage will thank you!

Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you need to wear a full tuxedo, but having a shower, shave, using aftershave and putting on something suitable will help you impress your date and get you off to a good start.

Yes, you should never pretend to be someone that you’re not, but a girl might like to see that you take pride in your appearance.

We have even MORE resources to all of your Date Night hurdles!

Check out these articles: How to Get your Hubby on Board Is your Spouse Not Romantic?

She will sense your confidence as you talk passionately about it.

Many people may also be shy about their appearance.

Maybe your sweetie isn’t super pumped about their turn to plan a date? It isn’t realistic to expect flowers and chocolates EVERY time you go out on a date, but at the beginning, little gifts can help to build the anticipation!

Even using something your spouse already owns, like their cologne/perfume or a favorite shirt can help them know you’ve put extra thought into this night.

You may not be 6ft tall with a 6-pack, but it’s more attractive to a woman to show that you’re comfortable in your own skin and happy being you. Don’t do all the talking On your date, make sure you don’t do all the talking.

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