Updating bifold doors

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Updating bifold doors

So, one of the very first posts I ever made on this blog was about the office makeover.

I finally got all of the paint off the table, did a little more research, and eventually used a combination of black chalk paint and several layers of polyurethane.(The last is most likely to be found on kitchen doors.) When the surface is clean and dry, bury any dark colors using a "high-hiding" primer, and then apply a coat of your desired hue.Replace the doors' bland wood or plastic knobs with better-looking ones made of porcelain, glass, or metal; you can also use drawer or door pulls.We didn't have a dining room table at the time (and still didn't up until about a week ago..I can't wait to show you!), but for some reason I decided to use the table as a desk in the office.Your simplest and least expensive option is to paint the doors.

Start by cleaning the surface of any dust, dirt, or grease.Basically, we got a bunch of raw wood from a mill and then we had to sand it, wood fill it, sand it, prime it, sand it, paint it, cut it, install it, wood fill it again, caulk it, then paint it again.As it turns out, we did save about 00, but it's been an absolute nightmare and I'll never do it this way again.She was starting to look a little tired in her old age, but now looks as good as new: This project was not planned. ) looking for some trim for a DIY mirror project (more on that soon) when I came across some 1/4 thick trim. You’ll most likely need to buy longer screws that what is supplied with the hardware. If you are not good at installing door hardware, make yourself a template using painters tape. *UPDATE* If you enjoyed this post, check out how I converted my bedroom closet bi-folds to french doors!It made me think of several pins I’d come across on Pinterest. five hours and some paint later, the project was complete! Cut lengths of the trim to match the length of your door. Put the tape on the hardware and punch through the holes with a pencil – instant template! Drill from the outside of the door to prevent the wood from splintering. To avoid chipping, place the panel with the veneer facing down when you make your cuts.

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