Updating toontown online 9 of 15

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Updating toontown online 9 of 15 - programmatically updating with detailview

The Disney internet has been abuzz leading up to the D23 Expo.Rumors have been swirling that the new Star Wars Land would replace Toontown in Disneyland.

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Most Recent Update 1/11/2015 The new 14 acre lands represent the largest single land expansion ever and will be themed to a “remote port, one of the last stops before wild space.” Uniquely, “every store and restaurant will be operated by local inhabitants making the experience deeply immersive.(Also announced for Innoventions is a new Marvel experience).You should expect this new experience to open around October 11, 2015.Later that day more information was provided and pictures were allowed at the Disney Parks Presentation.This presentation was hosted by the newly appointed chairman, Bob Chapek.While they mainly rehashed information from the the presentation in the morning, our photographer Chris Murray was able to grab shots of all of the concept art that was presented.

Once Bob Chapek had repeated all of the information from the morning presentation, he brought Scott Trowbridge, the chief creative Imagineer in charge of Star Wars, onto the stage.

There are really two layout options for the land, and Joseph Pimentel, the Disney reporter at the OC Register, captured the possible layouts that would fit the description of the expansion area.

One version would simply push the park out and into the backstage areas, while the other would connect Critter Country and Frontierland, looping all the way around the Rivers of America.

The Star Wars Launch Bay will be a special experience that aims to bring to life the new film.

This experience will be filled with exhibits that provide behind the scenes looks with props and the latest versions of the new Star Wars video games.

No word has yet been given on the length or start date of this special “Season of the Force” event, beyond the Early 2016 listing.

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