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It's a complex character, and one that suits this veteran actor from a family of actors. "And they apparently didn't have enough money or something to edit me out."He says growing up in an acting family definitely shaped his outlook. It was terrifying for me because I didn't know anything about film."But that didn't stop him from becoming a major success in the 1990s television series "Wings.""As I run into it now when I'm flipping channels late at night, I watch it and I think, this show is freakin' hilarious! "All the ink and all the attention and all the adulation went to 'Seinfeld' and 'Cheers' and 'Friends' and all these other shows.

He battled alcoholism in his 20s, remaining sober ever since.And although his parents divorced when he was nine, there was one secret he found out about years later that still affects him:"My dad left when I was a very young man, a young boy, and I didn't see him very much.You know, my parents had a long and difficult marriage, mostly because my father was gay."It's sort of an alternative universe version of our own relationship and it's pure and utter silliness and really a lot of fun," Daly said.Daly's son has also made an appearance in "Madam Secretary," playing a comical lobbyist for the marijuana industry.Tim Daly stars as Henry Mc Cord, a professor and husband of the secretary of state, played by Téa Leoni.

The actor joined "CBS This Morning" Friday and discussed the show's uniqueness and appeal to American viewers.

Werner asked, "Do you get tired of the questions about your relationship with Tea Leoni?

""Well, I don't get asked that often, I think 'cause people are scared.""I guess I'm not scared!

"The Daly Show." "We have an inordinate amount of fun -- we laugh like maniacs," Daly said of the series, which he described as "this bizarre alternate universe version of our own life."And daughter Emelyn should be joining the family business soon; she just graduated acting school.

American tabloids recently reported Tim Daly’s companion was pregnant after she sported what some interpreted to be a ‘baby bump’.

"She's like, 'I'm not going to go and stand in line with all those cars, we are going in here.'"Watch "Madam Secretary" at 8 p.m.

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