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Throughout the seasons, several people have questioned Liz's gender. Elsewhere’s finale, "The Last One" (complete with a replica of the series' namesake building in a snow-globe stared at by a mentally challenged male), Liz's life serves as the inspiration for a sitcom that is pitched by her great-granddaughter 100 years in the future.She always replies that she is really a girl and "that doctor was a quack." She serves as best man at the weddings of both her former sex partner Grizz She also once demonstrates that she is easily able to grow a moustache (which she calls "Tom," in reference to the famous Mr. The series is green-lighted by immortal NBC president Kenneth Parcell ("Last Lunch") -- even though the series includes every one of the banned features on the list which Kenneth gave to Liz when beginning his tenure in "Hogcock! After a mere glance at her in the pilot, Jack sums up Liz as a "New York third-wave feminist, college-educated, single-and-pretending-to-be-happy-about-it, over-scheduled, undersexed, you buy any magazine that says 'healthy body image' on the cover and every two years you take up knitting for...a week".

Liz became the head writer for The Girlie Show, while Jenna became the show's main star.

While Liz believes that the two were great friends, Crow only vaguely remembers her, and refers to Liz as a "loser".

She first saw Jack Donaghy and Tracy Jordan, and spoke with Jack telephonically, in 1986 while watching a live telethon alone in her parents' basement on prom night.

Jack's loyalty to GE and his handsomeness impressed Don Geiss, who transferred Jack to the microwave ovens division.

In high school, Liz believed that she was an unpopular "nerd" that all of her classmates picked on, only to learn two decades later at her 20-year high school reunion that she was, in fact, the universally disliked class bully.

This is confirmed by Pete to be accurate, commenting that the "knitting" part, in particular, was uncanny.

Liz is generally portrayed as something of a "geek".According to Fey, the character is not bulimic; "she just likes to eat".She is allergic to both dogs and cats, as well as "anything warm and adorable".So, while she is an apparently skilled writer, she seems to have very few social skills (in "Rosemary's Baby", Jack describes her as "socially retarded").For example, while she was trying to pick up men at a karaoke bar, a man asked her if the seat next to her was taken, leading her to ask him why she should have to move her coat just so he could sit there.When the building is converted to condominiums, Liz purchases both 3B and 4B with her earnings from Dealbreakers, with the encouragement of both Jack and Jenna.

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