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Lost In London will be shown in 500 cinemas across the United States this week.As well as its live broadcast on Thursday January 19 in the US, Londoners will also be able to catch the movie live as it will be shown at 1.30am on Friday 20 at the Picturehouse Central.

Alongside the off-the-wall live project, Woody is set to star in two of the year's big blockbuster; with the actor starring in both War For Planet of The Apes and the forthcoming Han Solo Star Wars Story Film.For taxi driver Les Dartnell, the punter who flagged him down in Piccadilly in the early hours was just another welcome fare on a slow night back in June 2002.Welcome, that is, until he started behaving weirdly and demanding to be let out of the cab, barely minutes into the journey.‘I said “That’s fine mate, but we’re in the middle of a road with four lanes of traffic so let me pull over first”,’ Mr Dartnell recalled.‘I didn’t have a clue then who this bloke was, but I was happy for him to get out because he was acting very strangely.’What happened next is the subject of a film, Lost In London, starring Hollywood A-listers Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson, and country singer Willie Nelson, to be shot on the streets of the capital from 2am tomorrow and streamed live to more than 500 cinemas in the U. (and just one here — the Picturehouse Central in London).Taking a black cab back to his hotel, the star - who first shot to fame in sit-com Cheers - tore off an ashtray in the back of the taxi before smashing a locked door.Tearing out of the vehicle he then hailed a second taxi, at which point his first ride pursued him to Sloane Square where he unsuccessfully tried to evade the police.Speaking from his home in Florida where he now spends winter — he says he got lucky on the stock market — Mr Dartnell, 59, says: ‘I remember it like it was yesterday because there was such a fuss.

But this was a simple case of a bloke who’d had too much to drink, or smoke, or whatever, and lost the plot.‘He may have written a script about it, but it would surprise me if he remembered much, because he was totally out of it.’Harrelson, a self-confessed anarchist and well-known hellraiser in his day, has long been enthusiastic about legalising marijuana.Sitting here now, a week to go, I rue the day.'With so much resting on one continuous take and the ever unpredictable nature of films, props, people and the British weather, it seems that Woody already has an idea of what could make life difficult.Revealing they would be shooting in the early hours of the morning on the street, he said that members of the public may make things difficult as they 'do tend to have had a little bit to drink' at that time.With a criminal prosecution pending, he faced a dilemma.‘I got a call from his people in LA asking what they’d need to do to sort it out,’ says Mr Dartnell.‘I told them I just wanted the damage paid for.’ Which they did.‘I didn’t want to press charges, but the police insisted on a statement. How you make a film out of that is beyond me.’But not beyond Harrelson, who’s reinterpreted it as fate conspiring to torment him.Woody Harrelson recently revealed he 'rues the day' he ever thought up the concept of his innovative live film.

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